What's in Bloom, Tour Features

Use this as a general guide. Actual time of bloom is designated by Mother Nature.

 At any time of day enjoy a self guided tour when you may take your time to sit and enjoy the view from the many strategically placed benches and let nature’s healing qualities refresh you. We provide a map: the gardens are well signposted,

The weekly featured areas are flagged throughout the gardens and plants are labeled. We will be available to answer any questions.

May 2-7   Feature: Spring Bulbs

May 9-14    Feature:  Flowering Trees & Shrubs


In Bloom: Magnolias, spring bulbs, flowering cherries (shown), forsythia

May 16-21 Feature: Lilac Time

In Bloom: Crabapples, horsechestnuts (shown), silverbell trees, tree peonies, rhododendrons, camassia

May 23-29  Feature: Shade and Woodland Gardens

May 30-June 4  Feature: Rhododendrons and other Broad leaf evergreens.   

 In Bloom: Iris, fringe tree, lilacs, viburnums, spirea, aquilegia, rhododendrons and Exbury azaleas (shown far right)

June 6-11 Feature: Ornamental Vines

June 13-18 Feature: Butterflies & Garden Insects 
In Bloom: Peonies, foxgloves, roses, azaleas, aquilegia, mock orange, weigila, climbing hydrangea

June 20-25  Feature: Roses

June 27-July 2  Feature:  Plants with Fragrance

In Bloom: Clematis,delphiniums, japanese iris, asiatic lilies, campanula, spirea

July 4-9   Feature: Conifers and Evergreen Shrubs

July 11-16 Feature: Lilies

July 18-23  Feature: Daylilies

July 25 30  Feature: Woodland Walks

The Gardens are always cooler than the city and there are many shady walks.
In Bloom: Daylilies, astilbes,orienpet lilies, ligularia, monarda, hostas, persicaria, annuals

August 1-6 Feature: Discovering Hummingbirds

August 8-13  Feature:  Annuals for Texture and Color

In Boom: Oriental lilies, chinese astilbes, annuals, daylilies

August 15-20
Feature: Groundcovers

August 22-27  Feature: Hydrangeas

In Bloom:
Hydrangeas, pineapple lily, sunflowers, brugmansia, annuals

August 29-September 4 Feature:  Discovering Habitats for Songbirds

In Bloom: Seven sons tree, hibiscus, actaea, roses, hostas, annuals

September 6-11          
Feature: Fall Perennials

September 12-17      
Feature: Pumpkins & Gourds.

In Bloom: Asters, colchium crocus, rudbeckias, miscanthus

September 19-30  Last chance for English Cream Tea

 colchium crocus

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