Ponds, Exotic Plants & Animals

The Waterfall Pond
welcomes you on arrival. Completed in 2012 the pond contains Koi fish, shubunkin and waterlilies. The local frogs thought it made a good home too!

Willow Pond is central to the gardens and presents access to differing views.A strategically placed glider offers a relaxing place to enjoy the peaceful pond.
Water lilies provide safety and shelter for the frogs and goldfish.


Constructed in 1996 the Koi Pond is the the most established of the ponds.
It contains water lilies and other plants and is home to Koi and other fish.
Water trickles down the waterfall to the delight of many birds. Frogs select their own lily pad or find a cool rock on which to await an unsuspecting bug.

Named for the native insectivorous plants we are trying to colonize on the east bank, Sundew Pond is the largest pond.
It’s surface reflects the surrounding trees, occasionally disturbed by native brook trout rising to an insect; the perfect spot to experience nature’s healing qualities.  

Bog garden

The bog garden is home to newts and frogs. Moisture loving native plants fill the area including three types of cattails. Dragonflies patrol the air and birds find perches on submerged stumps and rocks to get a cool drink or to dry themselves after bathing.
This is definitely a spring garden.

The Jungle

This is a tropical garden complete with a waterfall and pond in central New Hampshire!
Orchids, night-blooming cereus, tillandsias, bromeliads andother epiphytes cascade from above while low light tropical plants flourish in their shade. Vines clamber among the taller plants and a succession of exotic blooms pervade the air with their heady perfume.  

The Succulent House

Weird shapes, patterns, spines, cobwebs, flowers, but they all like it hot!

This house contains our collection of succulents. Orchids in flower are often displayed here.

It is the summer home for the iguana from central America and the parakeets; Henry from India and Oz from South America.


                                                                               Henry from India

         Oz from South America

The Gardens abound in native wildlife, birds, butterflies, amphibians etc. 

Visit the BARNYARD to meet some of our exotics:

From Africa: Pigmy & Dwarf Nigerian Goats


From Europe: Scottish Highland cattle

Originating in Asia: Jenny the Hinny

Visit the SUCCULENTS HOUSE in summer once we have warm nights to see the. exotic lizards                                      

In the birdhouse adjoining the Spire Garden there is a wide assortment of chickens usually with broods of chicks. And we have bunnies!